sneak peek

I did a fun photoshoot with my husband's family while we were down in Texas over the break. Many more images to come : ) Thank you to my sister in laws for finding a great location for me!


Dear Lizzie

I photographed this completely adorable boutique and bistro yesterday. I absolutely love it. Such a fun place to shop and eat. It was hard to pick which images to share because everything in the store is so pretty. I wish I had a baby just so I could spoil it with everything in this store!

(Just to warn you men out there, it's about as girly as it gets!)

 Cute puppy purses.

 They have some great children books.

 How cute is this goose? It's like straight out of a nursery rhyme.

 I love little girl tutus!

 Totally chic chandeliers!

 The bistro. Don't you love how feminine this place is?!

 Amazing food.

 Doesn't she just match the store? I love it.

 Adorable baby wandering around while her mom was shopping.

 This is Laura. She is the owner of Dear Lizzie. She is such a doll. I had so much fun meeting her and photographing her store. Isn't she beautiful?!

 They gave me lunch on the house! : ) That drink was amazing, btw!

After I devoured it. haha.

Thanks again, Laura for letting me take over your store for a couple of hours.
Everyone go visit Dear Lizzie in Alpine, Utah. You will love it.


Chrissie and Jon's Wedding

 She was so tough for braving the cold! It was freezing outside!

 Posing for the photobooth.

 This cute girl caught the bouquet, and Chrissie's little brother caught the guarder.