Rifle Shooting

This cute girl has TWO national records in precision rifle shooting! You'd never guess huh? What a stud.

Walls-a sneak peak!

I saw this cute store Walls featured on a blog awhile back and knew I just had to photograph it! It is so beautiful and stimulating. They have everything from wallpaper to furniture to hair accessories. They also have a neat blog. Check them out! Fun wallpaper is totally in right now.

They have so many beautiful accessories for your home! And this is one of the girls who manages the store. Her name is Kara, also! She was super cute and sweet to let me take over the store for an hour!

Some of the wallpaper they have.

They have tons of books full of samples. So fun to look at.

I have tons more to show! This is just a sneak peak. Watch for more soon!


A Beautiful Rainy Day

A beautiful rainy day and near the end of our roses.


My Angels

I have a group of girlfriends that have been my best friends for almost four years now. We still all get together all the time. They truly are my angels.

These photos are from a picnic we had the other day.

The only one missing is Alex who is currently serving a mission for our church in Honduras!:

This photo was taken at my wedding last year by Bethany Davis and edited by me. It's of me and my favorite girls!


Wesley's Graphics

One of my very dearest friends, Wesley Bird, is an amazing artist/graphic designer. Last year, while working for Hurley, she did this:

based off of my photo from this shoot:

Check out more of her work here and here.

This is us last year. Love you, Wes!


"I am come a light into the world"

Thanks Jessica for modeling for me! Isn't she gorgeous?!


Draper, UT Temple

My husband and I were married in the Draper, UT LDS temple almost a year ago. I finally got back to photograph it last week. So beautiful (especially inside!).


Nature VS. Nurture

Remember this photo? I got an award for it in the Nature vs. Nurture show in the BYU arts department. It's hanging up in the Harris Fine Arts building on campus right now if anyone wants to go see the show.