A Little Sneak Preview

Just a teaser for Sarah and Kevin!

I shot their wedding on Friday in Salt Lake. It was beautiful, and I'm so excited about the hundreds and hundreds of great photos I got! So check back and I'll post more soon!


Baby Jake

I had a blast photographing little baby Jake this morning with my friend Rachel and her husband! Jake was so sweet. What a doll.



Precious baby Amelia. She kept trying to eat her arm! ha
Thanks again, Yulia!


New Camera!

Playing with my new camera! I love how it can take great pictures in dark rooms like this!
Isn't my husband cute?!
This is Allan. The 92 year old man we take care of.
Miss Tiana

Playing tennis with Tiana and Normandie
Clay joined in.
Ultimate Frisbee game.


Limited time discount!

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