Kirsten's Home

Last night I had the privilege of photographing Kirsten Krason's home. She is an incredible interior designer here in Utah. Her blog is so fun. Check it out: http://6thstreetdesignschool.blogspot.com/. Here are just a couple of the photos I took of her cute home:
(Click on the images to make them bigger!)

Her office. I love that chair!

 So organized!

Her bedroom.
Again. I love the stenciling on the wall.

The kitchen. Fun rug, huh?

The living room. (I love that sweet few minutes of light right after the sun goes down!)


  1. You did a great job! What kind of camera do you use? Did these go through a program or are they straight from the camera. I always try to capture such clear and beautiful images of my home ... I think my camera (Sony a200) is just not doing a good job! :) (Who would want to take the blame!?!?) LOL!

  2. Thank you! I have a Nikon D700. These images were all edited on Photoshop. The last image is actually four different exposures combined.